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This is a site designed purely as an outlet for me and my randomness. And some affiliate marketing of course!

If you see a link on my page click on it because without these sites I wouldn’t be where I am today. A Gold prospecting (none found yet),  Fitness Loving, Food Loving, Life Happiness Chasing,  Massage Loving,  Asmr Watching,  Inventor.

If you don’t know what you enjoy your life cannot be full.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy.


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Where Did The Adventure Begin?

Was it the time I thought I’d build a robot to go to preschool in my place? Was it when I was around 6 when I built my first basic electric test light? Was it the time I electrocuted myself trying to rebuild a perfectly good bedside lamp at around 8 ? Could have been … Continue reading Where Did The Adventure Begin?

Floppy Balloon Skins

Strange title to a blog right? Not really when I put it into perspective for you fellas. Where Have You Been Some people are asking, why haven’t you blogged others mutter, the reason is simple and a great lesson for everyone. I was on my way to the stars, hitting targets and starting new projects … Continue reading Floppy Balloon Skins

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