Be Like A Grapevine

I was in the shower thinking about how much I love grapes and how much I love the lush green goodness of grapevines in the spring and summer when a thought became entangled within my mind.

I’m like a grapevine, I grow a little & then I’m cut back hard yet still I continue to grow. The longer this happens the stronger my roots become

That my friends is an original from me! Firstly I amazed myself and secondly it is so bloody true. Rams it in ya

I have been growing in this fashion my whole life which explains many things about my personal experiences and life.

Starting out young

buying and selling for a little profit and kick was one of my first growing seasons, just a couple leaves here and there but no fruit.

Then I ventured into my career and skills building, more leaves this year and some vine growth. Still no fruit.

Career changes and some more dabbling in home business etc, more leaves and vine this year with some wee little grapes sour and small. Now I’m really starting to take off.

Again more skills built, position changes at work and road side picking . Leaves everywhere with edible fruit as well as heaps of vine growth.

I think you get the picture now with this grapevine growth style, all the way along you have been training the new growth to grow in a certain direction whilst always staying connected to the original plant and base structure you grew originally.

I’m not sure what you think about this juicy blog but I’m reinvigorated,

Even though right now I might be stuck in the middle of winter with no leaves and remember I’ve just been hacked back to my brown dry stem,

I am still very much alive and healthy. As soon as I start feeling the warmth after some lovely rain I will grow and extend myself once again with fruit for all my family and friends.

I would love to hear your feedback on this idea as a great motivation and confidence booster to help get you through the dark winter shadows.

Happy eating 😊

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