Death Of Brick And Mortar Shops

Who’s Fault is it?

We are all to blame for the ever constant struggle smaller shop owners face everyday. How are you supposed to cover rent and fee’s when they are so high it’s nearly impossible to sustain. Unfortunately this isn’t the once upon a deadpool story you were hoping for.

Let’s buy our own commercial property you say, and why wouldn’t you think about taking this step Hmmmmmmm? Then you actually see what you have to pay to “own” a commercial property and the ongoing fee’s and expenses you must keep up with and suddenly the E-commerce way of life seems to be the common sense path to take. No or little overheads and more profit for ya pocket yezzzz pleazzzze.

Small business is struggling and changing, no one knows how its going to look in the future so best you buckle up sunny, this tracks bumpy as.

We Are Shit Employees

I don’t believe that many people actually appreciate their jobs anymore, yes things were harder back in the day and conditions weren’t as fair but at least in general people were proud of where they worked and their job was precious to them. Nowadays the majority of us are job whores, jumping from one place to the next depending on who’s paying more.

Again it comes back to us, supply and demand guy’s, we want more and for less and so we must work harder with less staff for less pay to keep prices down and to be competitive. Simple math.

You Are Not Immune

Just like the new parent with new ideas about vaccines and if they need them. You are not immune to the cause of effects we place on the economy. If you think you buy only locally sourced goods and services you are still feeding in to the bigger picture. How do we fix this mess?

Bloody good question that, one that someone much smarter than me who is qualified and knowledgeable should be able to answer. Or is it all just a conspiracy?

the world is full of deceit and bull shit mixed with manipulation and persuasion. This makes for a messy drunken ending every time.

So many different ideas and thoughts have been presented previously around this topic and I’m sure it will be no different this time around either. I don’t have the answers I only have my observations and thoughts which are ever changing due to my open mindedness.

Please if you have a positive idea or comment then please leave it below.


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