How To Clean A Microwave

Yeah it’s pretty random me yappin about a microwave but this technique is awesome and so bloody easy, I used it myself and thought I should share with you guys.

Our microwave had experienced an extreme food cooking fatality and stunk.

Everytime you walked past or opened the door all you could smell was that horrible dirty burnt smell.

Here’s how I began the long slow road to recovery for my microwave.

Grabbed me a microwavable bowl,

Put around 2-3 tablespoons of white vinegar in and then chucked in some boiled water(still hot) 2 cups.

Turn that bad boy on for around 3minutes or until you can see the microwave filling with steam. Once it stops leave the door closed for another 10 minutes, this is helping the steam to loosen debris and the vinegar to absorb the stench.

Carefully remove the hot water, glass plate and rollers (be careful not grab anything hot)

Now you have a naked microwave ready for a wipe down.

Grab that trusty kitchen paper towel and begin to wipe the inside of your microwave, you should see the once baked on food and debris wipe straight off. Give it all a good wipe out and repeat where needed.

Lesson completed, you’re welcome

Hooroo for now

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