10 Ways To Earn Extra Money In 2019

These next ten ideas are not original and they are not going to make you filthy rich overnight.

They can be done with little or no money and you can learn alot about yourself and others along the way.

You can google these things all day long and still find new and old ideas so why not give these buggers a go!

  1. Collect Scrap Metal, opening this can of worms can lead you down the path to discarded gold as you learn what metals to collect and how.
  2. Drop Ship, you can buy from one online store and on sell through another shipping the item directly but be careful as you may need to warrant what you sell.
  3. Upcycling, this can be a very rewarding experience as you revive worn out furniture and other stuff to sell to a new owner.
  4. Buy and sell at markets, there are advantages to be had if you can find items to buy in bulk and on sell to others who would otherwise not be able to purchase separately
  5. Get a second job, obvious one I know but some people never consider the thought of an easy casual second job as a good and reliable way to supplement their income.
  6. Create your own home made items. It could be candles, jewellery, food, art. Basically anything you enjoy making that not everybody can make.
  7. Start a new small business taking advantage of a skill or qualifications you have in your arsenal.
  8. Write a book, podcast or blog, taking advantage of companies wanting to advertise to you fans.
  9. Find a website that allows you to make shirts/caps etc and supplies you with a platform to sell said products quickly and easily. You never know if you could be the next big brand!
  10. Educate yourself, using the vast landscape of tools provided to you on the net. There is sure to be a course or reputable source of information and knowledge helping you to become smarter and worth more to your current employer. This can give you the leg up to a pay rise or another role which pays more because of your newly found knowledge.

Making Money Tips

I could sit here until my elbows and neck ache from holding the phone writing down different ways you could make extra money.

I have personally tried most of these ideas myself and made a few extra dollars on the side. I am never going to lie and say that the money will come without effort, the biggest pointer I can give you is to find yourself first and then discover your true passions. Turn these passions into a new way to make money that only you do. Be individual and be yourself.

If anyone throws criticism in your path realise that you know who you are and what you enjoy.

Strength and Courage Come When Your Guts Says Don’t Do It And You Say Piss Off Mate And Do It Anyway.

Take a risk and give one of these ideas a go. Please like and leave a comment.

Especially if you have some good money making tips, blogs or ideas

Thank you


Floppy Balloon Skins

Strange title to a blog right?

Not really when I put it into perspective for you fellas.

Where Have You Been

Some people are asking, why haven’t you blogged others mutter, the reason is simple and a great lesson for everyone. I was on my way to the stars, hitting targets and starting new projects left right and centre. Things were exciting and flowing but then suddenly I lost momentum and starting hurtling towards the ground fast. My “hot air balloon” ride was slowing down and fighting resistance as it went up higher and higher. All of a sudden the balloon lost its pressure and went floppy, boom I was deflated.

Addicted To The Rush

Call it an addiction or a need to feel that excitement when everything is new and happening for you as you take on a new project. You have projected success, wealth and happiness to come at you from all angles and fast. When it doesn’t happen the way you planned you start asking questions like:

  1. Have I done enough?
  2. Is my content interesting?
  3. Do people like me?
  4. Is it all a scam?
  5. Does this blog even make it to browser searches?
  6. Do I like what I’m doing?
  7. Am I an idiot thinking I could make it?
  8. Have I wasted money?

Recognising The Ups And Downs

This is important in most things in life, learning enough about yourself to recognise an emotional trend as it starts then immediately trying to process it and soften the blow.

I am no guru on this but I have already began noticing when the self talk kicks in, coming with it is an attack from little mental soldiers carrying bazookas blowing all your positive thoughts into tiny unrecognisable pieces.

You can then focus picking up those small pieces of hope, imagination, love and excitement and backing yourself as someone who can achieve anything.

Many of the “Gurus” I listen too which are proven to be successful say it takes 5 – 10 years to get the success you long for. It’s not you who fails it may just be a business or plan that failed. So start another and crack on sunny.

In short You shouldn’t expect success instantaneously, You should not be doing it unless you are enjoying it and

Remember to check and back yourself and don’t give up!

I hope you find this helpful, I am a little rusty.

Thank you for reading.

Please like share and leave me a comment with your thoughts.


Death Of Brick And Mortar Shops

Who’s Fault is it?

We are all to blame for the ever constant struggle smaller shop owners face everyday. How are you supposed to cover rent and fee’s when they are so high it’s nearly impossible to sustain. Unfortunately this isn’t the once upon a deadpool story you were hoping for.

Let’s buy our own commercial property you say, and why wouldn’t you think about taking this step Hmmmmmmm? Then you actually see what you have to pay to “own” a commercial property and the ongoing fee’s and expenses you must keep up with and suddenly the E-commerce way of life seems to be the common sense path to take. No or little overheads and more profit for ya pocket yezzzz pleazzzze.

Small business is struggling and changing, no one knows how its going to look in the future so best you buckle up sunny, this tracks bumpy as.

We Are Shit Employees

I don’t believe that many people actually appreciate their jobs anymore, yes things were harder back in the day and conditions weren’t as fair but at least in general people were proud of where they worked and their job was precious to them. Nowadays the majority of us are job whores, jumping from one place to the next depending on who’s paying more.

Again it comes back to us, supply and demand guy’s, we want more and for less and so we must work harder with less staff for less pay to keep prices down and to be competitive. Simple math.

You Are Not Immune

Just like the new parent with new ideas about vaccines and if they need them. You are not immune to the cause of effects we place on the economy. If you think you buy only locally sourced goods and services you are still feeding in to the bigger picture. How do we fix this mess?

Bloody good question that, one that someone much smarter than me who is qualified and knowledgeable should be able to answer. Or is it all just a conspiracy?

the world is full of deceit and bull shit mixed with manipulation and persuasion. This makes for a messy drunken ending every time.

So many different ideas and thoughts have been presented previously around this topic and I’m sure it will be no different this time around either. I don’t have the answers I only have my observations and thoughts which are ever changing due to my open mindedness.

Please if you have a positive idea or comment then please leave it below.


Death Should Be Embraced

OMG how can you talk about death, and embrace in the same blog MrRandom?

Easy my mortal friends and this is why.

If you are afraid or scared of death it has the power to become a major hindrance of life enjoyment due to the concern of death or injury, you may even avoid things all together and never stop to appreciate the precious little time you have to live.

Stop for a minute and take note of everyone around you in your office or in the street and realise that they are all going to die.

Life is lacking in time and so you have limited time to take chances, make changes and love everything and everyone in the world.

Embrace Death

Aubrey Marcus and some of his podcast guests talk regularly about being able to die happy and satisfied with life. Leaving your loved ones behind in this manner also allows them to heal quicker knowing you died happy.

podcast link to Aubrey Marcus

I have only really discovered this thought path and it’s massive potential to change our lives just recently, previously when considering just how short our lives are has thrown me into a spiral of adventure and willingness to take more risks.

You can also see how the mindset may send you down the path of wanting everything now. So take a loan now because why wait hey????

Nah bro This will not help you die happily and free, instead you’ll leave this world in debt and a turd load of unfinished business for your family to clean up.

How To Embrace Death

There are so many steps you could take to accept and celebrate death and life. It’s something that you can think about deeply to discover how you feel about it all. I have a couple suggestions for you and your tribe.

Five Ways To Be Excited About Death

  1. Discuss Life And Death with your family and friends
  2. Plan a ritual or tradition of celebration for the dead or afterlife Day Of The Dead-Wikipedia
  3. Think about the things you would do in life if you weren’t afraid of death
  4. Think about financial risks you have always wanted to take that wont leave you on the street
  5. Meditate, work on gratitude and learn to belong in the world of humans and spread love

This is a very short and basic list and I haven’t spent hours thinking about it so you can see that if you spent quality time searching internally the possibilities could be amazing.

You would not appreciate anything in life if life never ended and why would you? everything would be unlimited and everyone would be around for ever. No longer would you need to rush to show love and make up relations.

Embracing Life

Trying to not fear the end can be easier in theory but feel nearly impossible to truly commite to and believe in. Don’t let this challenge get in the way and always remember that changes you make now are shaping your future. Allow yourself to become you and continue looking for your why as it will give you the most energy and drive to complete your dreams.

Death is the final stage in this life, it may lead to another life or wherever you believe it will lead you but either death is there to remind us that life is really short, we all die eventually and there really isn’t anything you can currently do to stop it so realise your dreams and die happy people.

As the saying goes

Rest In Peace


Die In Turmoil

Imagine your loved ones leaving the world happy, satisfied and comfortable, the relief and joy this can bring is amazing.

Put Your Feet Up And Relax For You Have Completed Life Well

I’ll leave you with one challenge,

Do something extraordinary today .


Law of Attraction

Lift Your Vibe

I have read, listened and watched alot lately around the law of attraction and have come up with the reasons I think it works.

Before you get all opinionated and wander off thinking its all Bullshit take a minute to read this and see how it could work for you. No magic no craziness just pure awesomeness.

Lift Your Vibe

This is talked about often in this world and it relates to the vibration your body emits, A study has been done recently which has shown you can take sound or even voice off an empty chip packet via it’s vibrations so yes things vibrate. So lifting your vibe is supposed to draw other positive vibes your way and hopefully stop attracting the lower vibes that cause everything in life to be hard and difficult. Really this isn’t to hard to believe but I still wasn’t sold.


Next we are told to use manifestations to create the life we want for example

I am prosperous and I am grateful for all the things in my life


Love is coming my way and bringing the perfect roast chicken with it

Maybe minus the chicken but you get what I mean 😋

No only must you use manifestations in multiple ways but you must also believe to your core that they are going to work. This was also difficult to swallow.

Focusing The Mind

Another study I heard about on a podcast was in regards to focusing and unfocusing your mind to allow the answers or path to show itself to you. This made sense,

have you ever noticed that when you’re doing something totally normal like taking a shower or washing the dishes, great ideas pop into your head, Even if you’re not thinking about them?

This is because the mind has had time to process all the information absorbed and come up with a solution subconsciously. Bloody amazing.

My Adventures Using The Answer To Life

So I put my mind to work dreaming that I had already succeeded in some of my dreams and continued to dream bigger, immediately I noticed a change in my drive and excitement for life, This lead to some of the adventures I’ve blogged about previously. I noticed my bank wasn’t running dry before payday and that I had stopped wasting money on junk almost automatically which I assume Is a result of me believing that the money is coming and I wanted it to grow in the bank.

My families drive and excitement had also lifted as if I had helped raise them up even just a little by being driven, determined and happy.

Just as I was building momentum I fell back down again, feeling as if I just wasn’t going to make it and this is as good as it gets. Once I had realised this and spoke it out with the wife I set out to pick myself up again and find the next adventure to go on.

Sounds alot easier in theory I know.

So I believe that the positive sayings and manifestations are great for building yourself up and really allowing you to feel success, this tends to rip the blinkers from your eyes and allow you to see opportunities and possibilities where you just wouldn’t have before. Because you are feeling successful you are keen to give these opportunities a red hot go and lean towards a positive outlook believing that you can achieve anything.

This is where I believe real success is born, not through attraction but the ability to see and act instead of ignoring and staying the same.

Don’t worry about what your friends think and if it really bothers you just don’t tell them what you are doing or trying. Who cares, and what’s the worst that can happen?

Give it a go yourself and let me know how it goes for you. There are Vids on the net containing meditations you can listen to for manifestations, there are podcasts and even movies. Plenty of info around for you to cast your eyes over.

Im glad you found this blog insightful and that you are now trying the law of attraction for yourself, just like this closing paragraph you are using manifestations to create your own dreams and realities. 😊

Hooroo people

Happy hunting